View Full Version : Problem and solution to config corruption

25th May 2005, 02:58
I had a problem with the config file becoming corrupt.
the game detects my video (highest setting) and joystick, but after repeated opening and closing of the game (sometimes, just once) the video changes to 640x480 and the joystick config is gone (replaced by the keyboard controls).

To solve this problem:
- I deleted the config file
: C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game\SWLEGO.BIN
- I ran the program and configured the hardware (default is good for me)
: This recreated the SWLEGO.BIN file (didn't save surround sound setting)
- I copied it to a file named SWLEGO.BIN.GOOD
- I created a batch file named legostarwars.bat in the game directory (see contents below)
- I changed the Lego Star Wars desktop link to point to the new batch file

REM This batch file copies a good config file and runs Lego Star Wars
REM You may need to change the C: to the drive the game is installed on
REM Begin Batch File
cd "C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game\"
REM Below is all on one line
COPY "C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game\SWLEGO.BIN.GOOD" "C:\Program Files\Giant\LEGO Star Wars Game\SWLEGO.BIN" /Y
REM Above is all on one line
REM End Batch File