View Full Version : Inglewood Family Blood Gang Recruting

25th May 2005, 00:10
Aye yo my AIM SN is kb8ns.. if u wanna join IFB Gang.. IM me or Reply.. and well see :mad:

25th May 2005, 00:17
named after my gang in inglewood of course.. IFB BLUUUD...

25th May 2005, 02:27
yo lemme join

25th Jun 2005, 19:09
put ur full aim sn up in here. lets talk sum business about me joinin.holla

3rd Nov 2008, 13:11
wassup man, I'm from cLeveland, Ohio...25 yrs old dun alot of dirt fa sho, lookin to do it for a reason now, always been interested u know, and had chances but all them people moved away, I'm lookin for a stable nation. Hook it up.