View Full Version : Game difficulty medium vs. hard

24th May 2005, 05:40
Hi what difficulty do you guys play on? What are the differences between medium and hard difficulty (i.e. is it just better AI or does the computer cheat/get advantages in hard to compensate for it's stupidity)?

I just beat the game on medium as Great Britain and after the first 7-8 years it became really easy. BTW, cavalry is overpowered and cannon are kinda useless unless you play very carefully where you line up your infantry in front of them to protect them. But, in my opinion, the tactical game is not that tactical... a big pile of horses will overrun just about anything with pretty insignificant losses (unless the enemy goes into square, which they didn't at all in my 14 year campaign).

24th May 2005, 06:29
I agree. I beat it on medium, so now I'm trying hard.

The only difference i see is a slightly better AI in battles.

The computer takes hills and does a little better. I'm taking more combat losses in hard than i did in medium.