View Full Version : Shoulder Arms?

23rd May 2005, 18:32
I have yet to get my copy of the game as my wife has to mail it to me here in Afghanistan, however, are the armies still running around at port arms?

If so, I really think modding resources (of which I have none) should be put toward teaching the men to shoulder their firelocks properly. Port arms is RARELY used as it is hard to maintain for long periods of times. TROOPS DONT MARCH AT PORT ARMS!

Regardless, I am very excited about the game!

1LT SD Roberts

23rd May 2005, 20:47
i dont have the game and i know that this is goin of topic......

but i would like to thank you for all the stuff you are doing over there for all those people

hope to see you online soon man!!!!

23rd May 2005, 21:10
How do you have a computer over in Afganistan? BEst of luck to you, and no they dont do want you requisted, they still march ar port arms.

23rd May 2005, 23:04
How do you have a computer over in Afganistan?

Well it's quite easy to transport things (including people) to other countries you know :eek:

how do you think they got all those tanks there? lol

and yeah, keep up the good work mate!

24th May 2005, 16:21
Stick to just the game discussion please if you want to wish him good luck --> Private Message.