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23rd May 2005, 16:59
:confused: Hey people, is there enybody, who know, where is the model of Father Karras? I know, that in official game he was (in the mission 16. Sabotage at Soulforge - Karras was walking in baricaded room somewhere upstairs - I breached to room before him by some tunnels.) In mesh folder in original game is his texture supported (I found this texture in Mesh.crf in Res folder.)

Thanks for it...

John D.
23rd May 2005, 18:54
Just take a Mech and change his shape to the Karras model. :cool:

23rd May 2005, 20:09
Good idea, but which one mech? If I know right, every mech has a different model.... Some imported textures can look like bad....

John D.
23rd May 2005, 20:47
Just put in a Mech ai, select and go to properties->Shape->Model name and replace the name with Karras. :)

24th May 2005, 05:37
Ok, I'll try this... But I'll try this at evening, because I am going to botany expedition.... :D

24th May 2005, 18:03
it's OK! Thanks John D. :D

It is very simply, hmmmm :rolleyes:

metal dawn
25th May 2005, 19:53
Praise Karras, my son! Yyyyesssssss!!!