View Full Version : defensive alliance?

dr dooom
22nd May 2005, 10:55

i encountered something i cannot understand....

i play as france. my main goal is to win in as peacefully as it is possible. so i thought i'll make coalition with some other smaller countries. up to year 1794 everything was okay - defensive alliance with piedmont, lotharyngy and this small, one-province country on northern border (barovia? sandovia? sth like that) was working (i thought..). one of the last 1st era advances is ministry of information. i built it and what did i learn? i learned that despite the alliance, lotharyngy is fighting with someone over balcanes. why am i not in war? but i thought, ok. maybe they attacked by themselves and therefore since our alliance is defensive, i was not invited. but then... austria attacked little country from north. they give me allowance to pass theitr lands and generally cry for help. i think ok. i sent bonaparte and lannes with full strenght.... and what happened? well despite teh alliance i wasn't in war with austria!!! whadda ***?

i reloaded game and it happened again. i saw that this is very special turn - on the same turn that austria attacks, my defensive alliance dissolves, as it does every 12 turns. i of course make this alliance again....

ok guys now u know what i know:) what happened?