View Full Version : Quick Multiplayer Impression

22nd May 2005, 02:19
So far I've played about 4 times on Gamespy and I have been pretty impressed. I live in the US and have played players from Spain, the UK and the US and have not encountered any noticable lag to this point.
Gameplay has been very smooth.

I think as the game becomes more readily available the multiplayer lobby will pick up and there should be good fights to be had by all. :D

The Penitant Man
22nd May 2005, 06:58
I think I played you a couple of times.

Yes, I have noticed no lag yet in the the multi-player. But the set-up screen isn't very user friendly.
I couldn't understand how to pick a side at first, which may be a bit dim, but other people have had the problem, too.