View Full Version : [DOA] is recuiting

21st May 2005, 14:22
sup yall,

I play Killzone and I'm in a clan and also one of the best player but I've seen 25toLife and would like to start a clan of my own called Death On Arrival...I'm accepting anyone for right now...it'll be the first 20-25 ppl who wants to be in it so send me a private message if ya interested...

22nd May 2005, 04:00
any chance this clan will be on Xbox ?

22nd May 2005, 04:14
nah this is for the ps2 only...I making a website of this clan...I already have 8 ppl so hit me up ladies and gents... Im also getting one of my homegirl who owns in killzone to be in my clan...

22nd May 2005, 21:06
babyboy ur clan is soft this is killa v from da U.A (united assasins)Clan yall dont want it wit us HHAAAA hahahaha yall soft!!

United Assaainas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont be scared