View Full Version : Mediocre

20th May 2005, 18:40
The game is mediocre. simple as that... Nothing too big.. No interesting immersing units or music or even sound. No special units like the banner carriers in RTW. There is still no hold ground option.. Sea battles are tedious and sometimes boring. The game is very very slow paced, but i do like the diplomacy system, even though it has its quirks. Its too bad, this game could have been reaaal cool

20th May 2005, 18:53
I agree...but I think I'll get to like it more once I've played it a bit more, and gotten used to it - at the moment I have a tiny empire, navy, army and it's boring, but I'm sure it'll get more fun. But, for the price - £17.99 I think it's great value.

20th May 2005, 21:11
The campaign game definitely is slow to develop, but that really doesn't bother me. I guess it depends on what you view as the purpose of the campaign. If you want the campaign to be a vehicle to immediately start fighting tactical battles, then the pace will seem slow. But if you want the campaign to have its own strategic elements, then slow isn't necessarily bad. The problem with the campaign in RTW is that it really doesn't offer much in the way of independent strategy - it's just build, fight, conquer, repeat. It's too early to tell whether the IG campaign offers a bit more substance, but I'm initially impressed and encouraged.