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20th May 2005, 17:38
What turn do you normally start going on the offensive? The last 3 games as Russia have all failed for me before turn 20. Based on the type of system in place, I am almost positive I was rushing things. Was curious at how others have faired.

20th May 2005, 17:58
try playing as England..you can concentrate more on infrastructure...

20th May 2005, 18:04
try playing as England..you can concentrate more on infrastructure...

I'm playing as England and am concentrating on infrastructure also. Just started producing some armies after getting many non-military advances.

20th May 2005, 18:59
defences are key to a army. I would start off by fortifying all aorund you then in the heart of your area build a assualt army and select aenemy to attack.

20th May 2005, 20:56
I always try to have some replacements ready after an attack. The more healthy troops you have in an enemy territory, the shorter annexation will take.

21st May 2005, 03:02
I played as the French this time on Medium. Instead of going after a weaker country early, I waited until I was almost done with the first tech tree to start military operations. Much different experience. I was trying to play IG like RTW, and it just wasn't working.

By the time I Annexed Spain, England had a firm foothold on in Europe and N Africa. They had a huge army in portugal, a rather large garrison at Hanover, and Morocco fully under their control. I may have taken them a little too early however. I destroyed English forces at Portugal and Hanover, but the next 2 turns they counter Attacked and now my forces worn pretty thin. They must have other territories, because I didn't see where all those units were coming from. I destroyed 6 Armies containing 5-9 units a piece, and they still have a stack blockading Portugal.

I think I may have attacked a super power too soon, since I am low on cash and manpower, and my forces are worn thin with no way to rebuild the units yet (btw what tech lets you rebuild units?)

Anyhow, replying to my own question, I would take the campaign really slow and only expand when your current provences can't support your army anymore. Until that time, concentrate on building up your economy, infustructre, and military. Once upkeep exceeds income generated per turn, turn your military loose until you have secured enuff resources, and then rince and repeat.

21st May 2005, 03:07
Russia is a brillaint first campaign country. Just keep 6 musketeers in you military acadamey and nations around you will fill you pockets with money asking for defensive pacts. The ottmans below you are weak, and i have already taken their land. With the russians you do have to take it slowy. I started attacking in late 1795 when i was already done with the first era tech tree.

Commisar Adam
21st May 2005, 06:07
I prefer French games...I've conquered the world by 1800.