View Full Version : How does restore work?

20th May 2005, 13:59
Can repair ships easy but for some reason cant restore units i move them into a city with the training yards etc.. but they never have the option :( although they do get a red cross over there head.

20th May 2005, 14:09
You must have the technology

20th May 2005, 21:19
What technology?! I searched the whole damn tech-tree and found nothing! :(
I just arrived in the second era with Prussia and I still can't restore my batalions to their full capacity! :eek:

And you said you can repair ships easily, well I can't :confused: So how do you repair ships?

And sometimes, I can't assign any new troops to a captain or colonel.
I trained a new unit and my captains turned into colonels so there was space for another batalion of soldiers, but i can't assign new soldiers to old leaders, what's the deal with that?

I wish this game would be as easy-to-use as RTW, that game kicked ass in its simplicity.