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20th May 2005, 04:30
Hi all,

I know it's very very early but I really wanted to share my opinions (so far of the game).

Here are my notes so far:

Combines Age of Empire and Medieval Total War (not Rome Total War like others have been saying)

Dubious diplomatic model (I've never been fond of ANY silicon diplomacyin any game. It's just to easy to learn what a game is going to do and then just bend it to your will).

Merchant ships should look different than regular ships. (Any ship you see in Commercial Mode is a Merchat Ship)

Units are placed by the tip of the Upper Left Golden corner of said unit

Doctorov and Kutusov are mixed up in the Tutorial

The doesn't seem to be a way to get back to the previous step in the Tutorial

So if this game is divided into Three Acts, I've only now just finished act one. It's quiet (no battles) but there is a lot to do on the Economic side (plus quests). You should also build up core Army/Navy because that apparently goes a long way towards points.

At first, I thought the game was a little dull but now I'm getting into it more. I wonder what Act 2 has in store?

20th May 2005, 04:39
I'm initally impressed.

I like the graphics. The campaign game seems to have more depth and coherence than RTW. And the tactical battles have much the same feel.

On the downside, movement in the battles seems to be overly fast, with less time for tactical choices than I would like. RTW has this exact same problem. Probably a design choice to keep battles from lasting so long as to be boring to some folks. It's a balancing act in design, but I wish the battles were a bit slower to allow more input.

And I'd like to see more variety in the units, but my hope is that some mods will come along to address that.

Overall, my initial impression is that IG is a better game at this stage than Shogun: Total War was at its release. The Total War games are in their third generation. While IG borrows heavily from them, it's to be expected that there will be a few rough spots to iron out. So far, their inital effort looks pretty good to me.

20th May 2005, 19:39
We don't comapre Dawn of War to Dune2 development has come a long way since the first RTS ... they are not afforded the luxury of being compared to Shogun TW.... they have to live up to current standards ;)

Gelatinous Cube
20th May 2005, 20:06
If RTW is the "Current Standards" then we live in Dark Times. MTW, and even STW, were far better games.

20th May 2005, 20:56
If RTW is the "Current Standards" then we live in Dark Times. MTW, and even STW, were far better games.

Agreed. But RTW does set the standard as far as graphics goes, and I think most gamers and reviewers will compare IG to it. When it comes to gameplay over the long haul, though, RTW is a mess. The campaign is just a shallow excuse to string together a series of fairly lackluster tactical battles.

I've spent some more time with the IG campaign, playing as England, and I'm liking it more and more. My initial impression is that it is a definite improvement over RTW.

The campaign starts off much more slowly than in RTW. Your economy is weak, the tech tree takes time and you don't have much military strength. Annexation of a small nation might be possible immediately, but a major war, especially against allied nations that could gang up on you, would be tough. You definitely need allies in the early going.

Going the peaceful route, building up your commerce and infrastructure, takes a long time. The tech tree seems more critical than in RTW because you literally start out with nothing; you have to research and build everything. Most of the advances affect your entire nation, however, so you usually don't have to build the same building over and over again in multiple provinces. My guess is that development will accelerate once you get past the first few years. I actually enjoy this part of the game, but those who want to be fighting battles every other turn might find the campaign a bit tedious in the early going.

Also, the campaign map is very impressive, much better looking than RTW. The unit and building icons are highly detailed, with a nice miniature quality. And the game offers a variety of subsidiary screens (commerce, diplomacy, etc.) that look great and provide a wealth of information.

So far, so good.

20th May 2005, 22:54
At first, I thought the game was a little dull but now I'm getting into it more. I wonder what Act 2 has in store?

So which empire are you playing?
Anything on the later acts?
Can you specify how the different goverments differ?
Anything else?