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19th May 2005, 21:22
Wow just got this game today(had to go like 30 miles away from my house in chicago) but got it none the less. The game is amazing, the stragedy realistic and the battles intense. The naval sequences are truly jaw dropping and easy to control(in my opinion). I espeically like the reaseach tree and how it works. Im currently playing as russia and having a blast. 10 out of 10!!

19th May 2005, 22:10
You lucky bast**d

I am still waiting for mine to arrive.

Happy conquering!

I wiil show the world the UK can be great again - unless i get crushed by the french. :mad:

19th May 2005, 22:18
Should arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately I have to go to a concert at the barbican with my lady so I won't be able to play it till the weekend. Bummer.

20th May 2005, 03:46
Yeqah I live in Chicagoland as well. I could not get it in the city and luckily work in the burbs. I had to pick up the second of two copies that the Gamespot in Oak Terrace Mall had.

I like it but I have to get used to the controls and fighting with loads of artillery rather than hand-to-hand.

The worse thing about the game is the fighting to the end. I was down to a bunch of rifleman/black watch versus enemy canons...the guys just kept firing at the canons until they all got blew up clump by bloody clump. It was ridiculous to watch because from games I've played and the life I live - if I see my buddies getting blazed with a canon I will play the coward and run to save my life. I mean that is devastating to watch your crew get bumped off like that and just stand there until you take a canon in the grill.

Anyway, glad two of us in Chicago got the game - now it's time to play it see what we like and don't like and see if we can get some balance going on.

Good luck.