View Full Version : What RTS game(s) do you mostly play?

19th May 2005, 01:18
I am just wondering what kind of RTS games you people mostly play right now or before you heard about IG.

I am a Rise of Nations player.

before RON, I played some AOE2, I also have AOM, C&C Generals.

19th May 2005, 01:20
I own all of the C&C games as well as all the TW games. I play some others, but besides RTS i play city builders like pharoah, zeus, and Ceaser. :cool:

19th May 2005, 01:26
Ive played all of the Total war collection, with the exception of Viking Invasion. and of course played all of the C&C games, first RTS though was dune 2 back when you had to issue your orders to each unit individualy, god bless the person who invented group selections lol.
Before that it was all TBS on the atari's and spectrums, my favourite being "The Western Front" on the atari 800xl in glorious 16 colours

Captain Darling
19th May 2005, 14:42
I think my first one could well have been Dune 2000, but I've played the original C&C, Red Alert, Red Alert 2, MTW, RTW and Emperor Battle for Dune. Much fun's been had with those over the years. Let's hope IG can add to it!

19th May 2005, 14:55
the first RTS fileds of glory on the amiga 600 then dune then all the C&C games (apart from the cartoon of C&C2) all the TW games AOE 1+2, EE 1+2 dam got bloody loads that i still have and play every now and again.

But also play FPS and turn based games too Ahhhh CIV :D

I alos remeber jonny reb for the C64 was fun esp kicking my brothers backside at it lol

19th May 2005, 16:24
I think out of all the RTS I've own that Age of Empires 2 (Unless one counts Starfleet Command series as RTS games) has gotten the most play time out of me, but I own Dungeon Keeper 2, Medival Total War, Homeworld, various C&C Games (Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Generals), Age of Mythology, Mechcommander 1 & 2, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Star Wars: Galactic Battleground Saga, Tropico, Rise of Nations Gold, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, Ceaser 3, and various expansions for a number of them and maybe a couple that I forgot I'm not inclined to dig through my collection to make the list 100% accurate.

Lately I've been playing Rise of Nations, it's my newest addition so that's to be expected, we'll see how much play I'll get out of it.

Captain Darling
19th May 2005, 16:26
Oh yeah, I forgot Age of Empires II and the complete clone, Star Wars: Glalatic Battlegrounds Saga. It was a good game and a lot of fun, but it was just AoEII with new Star Wars graphics... :p

19th May 2005, 17:16
C&C is my fave.....so is AOE and so is galactic battlegrounds.

RON was good too......but i was a bit let down compaired to the other games i chose IMO

19th May 2005, 19:22
Hi you all,

Can't wait for my IG to arrive from Play.com - Was posted wednesday, so fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow. (Unbeleivable £17.99 - i don't know how they do it)

Untill then this is a good thread to discuss our fav rts games.

Like most of you i have played most of the biggies from Dune 2 to the recent Empire Earth 2 and they are all good in there own way and for there respective time period.

But my favourite RTS has to be Ground Control 2 - a majorly underatted game. It hardly seems to be mentioned in posts these days and yet i think it has the best single player mission structure i have ever encountered.

The graphics are also fantastic and you can zoom right in to the units to virtually see the color of there eyes - amazing - even today.

The strategy and gameplay is perfect and very addictive.

Anyone else like this game or am i in the minority here.

It's dedicated website is also constantly updated and with the latest 1.008 patch the game runs flawlessly for hours on end. No slowdown or crashes here.

Sol Invictus
19th May 2005, 23:51
I generally despise RTS as being a chaotic clickfest; there's that word again; sorry, but Europa Universalis and Knights of Honor are two examples of historical based and very fun RTS games. I don't really count the TW series as RTS since it is a hybrid.

21st May 2005, 08:32
I play AOE2: The Conquerors Expansion and Rome Total War. I love these 2 games

22nd May 2005, 02:28
Of course right now Imperial Glory is the game keeping most of my attention - but I wouldn't call it an RTS as it is a hybrid TBS/RTS.

The most recent RTS I've been playing is Cossacks II.

Age of Empires II is a timeless classic although I haven't played it for a while.

I was playing Kohan II for a bit earlier this year.

Seven Kingdoms II was fun for a while.


Stronghold Crusaders.

I like Rise of Nations.

The Total War series; I think Shogun was probably the best.

Most of the city builders - Ceasar III, Pharaoh, Zeus, Emperor, Children of the Nile, SimCity 4.

I of the Dragon - for something a bit different.

I am anxiously awaiting the US release of Knights of Honor. It's supposed to come out next week.

22nd May 2005, 06:08
None if I can help it. The TW series would be the closest.

22nd May 2005, 19:35
followed by MTW.

However an amalgamation of RTW and Imperial Glory to create a new Napoleonic Campaign would be wonderful.

Just think the Campaign map of RTW, Units of Imperial Glory and Unit Controls of RTW and Naval battles too. WOW!! I'll keep dreaming.

Would love to see a US Civil war game too

22nd May 2005, 19:38
Anything warlike and historical. All of the TW series right from the start, also Stronghold series, Castle Strike, not much else

22nd May 2005, 22:24
Lately ... Warhammer 40k Dawn of War ... The opening movie should be made into a movie.. I would go see it.. and the in game graphics are as good as any cut sceens from most games .. you can zoom in and see the scratches on the paint ;) .... Recently I have found a friend at work who amazingly enough... loves the Talon Soft Civil War and Napoleonic Serices of games from the 96 to 2000 era and we have been playing all those for the lase 6 months.... also played a bit of RTW and StrongHold 2.

dr dooom
22nd May 2005, 22:32
i don't like rts games. they mostly suck. but there are some that can be put under name of rts, and i like them. all of paradox games( europa universalis, victoria and so on), total war series,imperial glory. hmmm.... that would be all:)

Sir Crow
22nd May 2005, 22:57
I own and have played all the total war series,Cossacks II, Empire Earth II is also quite good. I remember some of the old ones on the Amiga that has been mentioned. I also remember Populos. Stronghold crusader. But my favourite is probably NTW a Napoleonic mod for MTW+VI and its free which puts a lot of games to shame. HTW is also very good. The people behind NTW (The Lordz)are doing NTW2 which will be based on RTW, can't wait for that one.