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19th May 2005, 01:16
Seeing as how this is the only official board for Hitman BM, I'm posting only one request of the devs and Eidos: please don't make it suck like the last two games, but especially Contracts. Please develop it for PC first and THEN port it to Xbox and PS2, respectively. All I ask is the devs put at least a modicum of some effort in programming the game so that it fully maximizes the graphics capabilities of todays systems so that it scales appropriately to PC instead of limited console graphics. Multiplayer would be nice, as would generous amounts NPCs for nightclubs and other crowded hotspots. Also, when 47 drops a pair of guns, they should be unbound as distinct objects instead of one single object. Doing this would make BM 100% better than the steaming pile Contracts was.

Bottom line is please please please please don't make this suck and leave me with a feeling that this was $49.99 wasted when I buy it. Thank you.

20th May 2005, 00:40
don't worry they will defenetly,well maybe just a little bit so everyone 'll be happy :D

29th May 2005, 08:54
acually if u looked at a screenshot of blood money u would notice the game has splinter cell CT kind of graphics,putting that demon to rest, and im sure the game will have plenty of improvments dont worry, and also, silent assasin was the best game in the series so far,

29th May 2005, 08:56
and the multiplayer thing, i dont think theve dont that yet or ever will, unless its like 2 assasins in a coop mode like, agent 47 and his evil twin agent 57!!!!

31st May 2005, 12:44
H2:SA was the best one so far, and its still alot better than contracts, it even looks better because we can enable antialiasing, please do bother to make it better this time and not another expantion with few missions, oh and no more fictional weird weapons nor bad bugs, see why H2 was so popular and contracts so disapointing and go from there please ;) .

3rd Jun 2005, 00:28
the reason contracts sucked was cuz it was to dark and depressing, i also had NO IDEA what the heck the story was for it, it was like, him getting surgery or something,as eidos already has learned the hard way, its ALOT more fun to pop somebody in the middle of the day, then a 12:00 at night,also, not to get off subject, but i would LOVE u guys so much if you could put a twelve gauge shotgun in the game and like, have a level with like, hillbillies or some kind of country farmer kind of guys so you could get a .22 or .30ought maybe, more gore? like you can blow there head clean off with a double barrel? THX

-your loving fan who could use some acknowledgement

3rd Jun 2005, 01:02
Contracts felt like an expantion, but missing on the cool bits from SA, plus it felt really throwned out the door with its fair share of bugs and small number of repetitive missions. H2 was just a great mix of great stuff at the time, ingame cinematics, good looking exotic locations, good weapons and funny objects, great missions, briefings, etc. Contracts had a couple good levels but felt alot cheaper than H2. I think SA had style, its hard to explain but i really liked the game better in all aspects, music, interface, gameplay, etc. I even think contracts hurt this series has there isnt much hype about blood money at the time and the forums are dead.
I like what i've seen this far and i hope blood money brings back 47 in style this time, i also agree that there should be less rainy night levels, good point there.

14th Jun 2005, 19:57
I also would like to play a game that doesn't fell like a console port. I love all the hitman games but "console-itis" is becomming more and more of a problem as the power that computers have over consoles continues to increase. Hopefully XBOX 2 will be so good that we won't be able to tell when a game is a port. =)

I'm thinking HL2: replace aliens w/body guards, replace freeman w/47 and replace the gravity gun with fiber wire...

I can dream can't I? ;)