View Full Version : Name Brand Clothing

18th May 2005, 21:22
i just found out today that 25 to life (of course) will hase some of todays biggest clothing companies in it but eidos said they wint tell till its released or some **** like that everyday i get more hype for this game!!but one problem i think is since everyone will have custom clothes on during online wont that make it lag like crazy?

18th May 2005, 21:53
watching a show on G4tech tv a few months ago, i remember ad's might start popping up in games, i think theres a game now with it. well this might be the way of the future, but hey if it's going to pay for the building of the game. FINE with me. i think the only problem is finding a way to place it in the game without it taking away from the game too much, BUT hey, "go check on the m&m plant roof for the sniper, or in back of the Philly's truck." this might make taging places better on big maps. :)

22nd May 2005, 04:03
So how does the Clan Turf **** workout???

do other clans challenge u for your turf?

or what?

im confused