View Full Version : Lancers for the Britains?

16th May 2005, 00:50
In the demo the britains can control lancers, however on the site there not listed, does anyone know if the britains will be able to train theese units in the game?

16th May 2005, 10:38
They forgot to list the Lancers. However, TAFN does have them listed, as well with North African and Special units descriptions, right here (http://www.tafn.info/TAFN/imperialglory/html/info_empires.php). :)

16th May 2005, 14:15
I thought I read that officer units weren't in the game anymore. Are the officer units supposed to appear on the battlefield?

16th May 2005, 14:24
No, they are not on the battlefield. You use them to drag your troops from province to province on the management map. The maximum of officers you can have in a province is 3, with a 4th one as reinforcement. In the descriptions you could read that a higher ranking officer can command more troops than a lower ranking one. Because of this they will still be very important in the game, as the maximum of troops you can attack with depends on the amount of officers in a province × the amount of troops it can command (and the more troops the better ;))