View Full Version : Fast Pace or Stealthy

15th May 2005, 23:34
do you want the online mode to be stupid and fast like quake or a smart stealth like game like socom? i would prefer(thats how you spell it right? :confused: ) a stealth like game like socom becuase fast games like quake are stupid i want consequences (thats spelled right?) like if i turn my gaurd down some online player comes up behind me and uses me as a human shield instead of jus get a gun and run around holdin the firing button i wanna use strategy like for example: theres a cop looking for the people on my team we have a guy stand in an opening somewhere while we hide and then as he comes to shoot my teammate we all come out and ambush the cop i hope they really studied socom for 25 to life!!!

16th May 2005, 20:41
Theres probably going to be both like on the repspawn maps on socom. Those are crazy.

30th May 2005, 09:50
from the looks of the trailers,teasers and videos, it looks like a fast paced deathmatch kind of game, which i love but not so much love comin from

11th Jun 2005, 19:24
i think it can be both...the maps look like they're gunna be pretty big....depending on where you are at spacific times, it'll be fast...

11th Jun 2005, 19:25
socom is not at all a slow paced game...i dont know who you play with, but its not slow...

11th Jun 2005, 19:51
i say its go be kinda fast it depend on what gun u have

11th Jun 2005, 20:11
i wonder will the game have that little thing on the curser, where when somebody shoots, it shows you where they are...

11th Jun 2005, 22:36
it looks like it gonna be a fast paced game.

12th Jun 2005, 00:29
yea go jave a lil arrow showing where they are