View Full Version : will this game make it this year?

15th May 2005, 17:54
does anyone know if this game will make it before the end of this year?
HITMAN series for me is the best 3rd person shooter ever made, and MAX PAYNE, the 2 best 3rd person shooter ever made, but when it comes to physics HITMAN is the best ragdoll physics out there.

actually hitman did this ragdoll physics before the rest of the game industry follows, but not as eye candy as the GLACIER engine. ;)

15th May 2005, 18:12
Game sites report that it's planned for spring 2005, Eidos' site (http://www.eidos.co.uk/games/info.html?gmid=172) has it set for 2005.

3rd Jun 2005, 01:05
Any news on that? Pushed back to xmas or will it come this summer :confused: .

3rd Jun 2005, 16:01
Amazon.com says October 15, and Gamespot says Q3. They usually "guess" quite accurately, so an early autumn release is the most probable event.

14th Jun 2005, 19:47
ebgames is saying october as well.

15th Jun 2005, 01:04
Going to be good when it does get here :thumbsup: love hitman series.

14th Jul 2005, 02:43
i think it will come out in 2006

14th Jul 2005, 03:29
Just checked. EB games now has PS2 & XBox versions for early november and PC version for late december.

7th Aug 2005, 15:22
yeah man all Tomb Raiders and Hitman got delay till next year!

25th Sep 2005, 07:51
yeah man all Tomb Raiders and Hitman got delay till next year!

Really :confused: , thats bad for Eidos, loosing the xmas holiday huge sales.. its bad for me too because i look forward to these two games, whats up with the Eidos website and stuff, it all seems down except for the forums? :( :( ..
edit: ok, its not but the Blood money site seems to be down..

25th Sep 2005, 08:23
Really :confused: , thats bad for Eidos, loosing the xmas holiday huge sales..

Yes they got delayed. When SCi took over Eidos their first decission was to push back the most important games in order to ensure that enough time was spent on them for quality reasons. Basicly I don't mind it really. There are already coming out to much good games in Octobre alone that I want.

25th Sep 2005, 09:06
Thank you for your reply, unfortunetly for me there arent all that many games coming out that im interested about.. a H4 demo would do wonders :D . If they want to ensure the best possible quality its ok, contracts disapointed alot of people. I hope the site gets back up soon too.
hm, its up now and Eidos main page still says the release to be this year :confused: .

27th Oct 2005, 02:34
I wouldn't want to rush things or risk getting poor results.

Deus Ex for example, part 1 was the best 1st person shooter, IMO
but that part 2 was kinda rushed & got some poor quality. compare to part 1

As for best 3rd person shooter, IMO its Splinter Cell.

got the most moves in any shooter game. Get to sneak, etc.
love that in a game.