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15th May 2005, 14:38
Hey all I read that PC gamer gave IG a 75% so I had to post this review i reat at Total Video Games http://www.totalvideogames.com/pages/articles/index.php?article_id=7723

They gave it a 9/10 so I gues you make the call yourself hehe personally I have already Pre-ordered it...Just wish it had MP campaign...

15th May 2005, 14:53
alot have pre ordered it i have :)


15th May 2005, 15:24
...They gave it a 9/10 ...

Hmmm, hopeful.

But based on the last review thread it's pleasing(? :rolleyes: ) to see many people share my distain for reviewers.
I guess many people have been burned as I have :(

Did a check on Jon Wilcox and some of his past reviews:
Men of Valor:
His score: 8/10 Average score: 7.4/10

Silent Hill 4:The Room
His score: 8/10 Average score: 7.8/10

This guy appears to be an 'eye candy' specialist. And due to the fact he simply doesn't mention a number of things that people on the forum have remarked on I really have to ask how long he played it (and to what depth) in order to give his review.

Now, I am not saying that his review is wrong - but I am not saying it is right either.
So we have one review at 9/10 and one at 7.5/10... 8.25/10 anybody?? :)

Commisar Adam
15th May 2005, 15:24
Just wish it had MP campaign...
This would be fantastic, however difficult to coordinate. It would involve a lot of waiting, one person having to wait for the other to finish their turn. Anyway, I will certainly pick up this game. Thanks for the link to reviews.