View Full Version : prob: tells me this: exportation missing of SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA.

Greek Phalanx
13th May 2005, 22:41
help! I got a windows 98 with proper drivers for the demo and it tells me this awful and frustrating remark each time I click on one of the 2 demo battles.

"exportation missing of SHELL32.DLL:SHGetFolderPathA."

anyone help?

13th May 2005, 23:08
I Googled this up for you:

Technically, it means that your SHELL32.dll is an old version (< 5). For example, Win98 has 4.72 something. Now, the MSDN help says that the SHELL32.dll is new enough if you have IE5 or higher, but I just got the discussed error on a machine with Win98SE and IE6 and, lo and behold, the shell32.dll is version 4.72.somethingorother. Which means that programs using SHGetFolderPathA are not guaranteed to run with Win98 and, I presume, Win NT. Users can, I believe, download newer versions of the DLL, but of course that's a bit of a pain for the users. Thank Microsoft.

Two things you can do:
or upgrade your OS (If you would have checked the system requirements you would have known Windows 98 isn't supported.;))
or download and install the latest version of this SHELL32.dll file (which I don't recommend if you're unfamiliar with it, and I can not assure that it works.)

13th May 2005, 23:25
Is Win 3.11 supported ?


Greek Phalanx
14th May 2005, 01:49
lol awch! My parents just told me we'd change of comp in 2 years...... and I'm unfamiliar with this shell blah blah blah .dll...........

lol well I just think I'll uninstall this demo.... maybe I'll dl the demo in 2 years...... who knows? he he! Anyway.... Guys I got an idea btw. Would' be cool to write stories about Imperial Glory........ so, what do you guys think?