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13th May 2005, 17:48
Hello again, old Eidos forumers! Long time, no see. The not-so-distant release of Hitman: Blood Money has brought me back on a temporary basis.

We all know that the Hitman games have often gotten mission ideas from movies. (For example the fish restaurant with the gun in the bathroom i.e. The Godfather).

Wouldn't it be great if Blood Money, or later potential releases, featured a mission somewhat similar to the scene in National Treasure where Cage steals the Declaration of Independence? Many of Hitman's "trademark" things are featured here, for example the use of disguises, clever advance planning, and the goal of making the mission as "clean" as possible, by not injuring and destroying other things than absolutely necessary.

I always get the Hitman feel when I watch this movie, so I hope that a mission not to unlike this has been made.

Any other missions hopes?

18th May 2005, 21:03
You mention disguises, I kinda wish that you could keep disguises from mission to mission and not only choose weapons and methods but wardrobe, too :p yeah that may sound kinda Barbie-esque, but hey everyones always mentioning how he's dressed. so, why not? It'd be cool to keep clothes from previous missions, and keep them in the weapon shed (which I was a little disappointed to see go, though it seemed to keep mission to mission clean and unhitched without it).

Hmm... missions I'd like to do though? Well, 47 is of course from an agency of some sort, and judging from the trailer possibly the CIA so why not take from a movie with another CIA op? You ever see Ronin with Robert DeNiro? There were so many cool sequences in that movie. You were mentioning stealth (one of Hitman's biggest strengths) and I think, personally, that 47 would and could kick the living crap out of Sam Fisher, but considering we will get the taste of our first Hitman rocket launcher then why not the bistro scene from Ronin? Where he has to nail that first car with a mortar and sets of those firecrackers to confuse those bodyguards and so on.
I could kinda see some of Collateral in Contracts like the dance club scene, which was fine by me. Two very cool pieces of hitmen entertainment.

20th May 2005, 13:44
I must regret to say that I have currently not seen the movie in question, but I ordered it today, as it seemed quite good from your review.

10th Jun 2005, 03:08
Ah, this idea make me think about Tomb Raider environment. Just imagine 47 was in some kind of mission which take place in similiar tomb to kill some overlord, or steal some treasure.

14th Jun 2005, 19:40
I am also thinking of some scenes from Man on Fire... there are a lot of scenes where Denzel is whoopin' ass that make me think of 47... Torturing & interrogating crooked cops, etc...

And yes, Ronin is a good movie. (best car chases I've ever scene) though it can be slow in some places.

Grabbing Garrett
10th Jul 2005, 21:25
That would be so cool! However, it seems more like a mission for a Thief game, mainly because it doesn't have to do with killing people, and its mainly focused upon stealing.