View Full Version : A novel to finish the Angel of Darkness Story

Sophia Leigh
13th May 2005, 12:37
Its pretty fair to say that Tomb Raider Legend will not be the second installment in the Angel of Darkness trilogy but I still want to know the end of the story. I personally didn't like playing Kurtis but I still want to know what his outcome was. I would like to see the rest of a story put into an Eidos official novel, what does everyone else think?

13th May 2005, 12:44
Great idea Mom! It would just be good if i could know what happened to him....hmmmm......one of the many wonders in life ay! :rolleyes:

13th May 2005, 13:11
I've heard of this idea before Mum (Teehee) and thought it was a great idea. They should definetly do this to keep all AOD fans happy! =)

13th May 2005, 14:37
Nob, I would only like to see the trilogy executed in two games after the Legend-story.

13th May 2005, 21:42
This is a job for Katie.... she has done some wonderful short novels up to now. ;)

14th May 2005, 00:36
Yep, good idea to finish the AOD storyline thru' a novel. :)

star girl
9th Dec 2005, 16:51
This is a job for Katie.... she has done some wonderful short novels up to now. ;)

I agree. Hey Katie! We have a job for YOU!!! :D

Wonder if she'll hear...

18th Jan 2006, 01:02
I know it's a silly question but...Katie who? There must be quite a few. :) Uh anyway, Heck Yess!! I'd love it if Eidos released a book with the completed story of AoD. I want to know what happened to Kurtis, and I didn't mind playing as him either. It would be great if they finished the next two games, but if not, it would be so nice of them and everything if they were to do the book. I'd certainly buy it and I'm sure of the fact that there are other fans out there who also would love to have it. :D

19th Jan 2006, 18:32
I don't really care either way. I'd be happy if they just put a short summary onto the website explaining what happened and tying up all of the major loose ends from the first game. I don't know if I'd want a novel because if it isn't done correctly, I'll stop reading it anyway.

20th Jan 2006, 14:45
I thought Kurtis didn't exist... At the end of the game, Joachim Karel showed Lara that he turned into Kurtis and all the others to get ahead of her. At least I thought that was what was going on, lol. :confused:

20th Jan 2006, 22:58
To be honest, I liked AoD but towards the end it felt like they just threw everything together and I couldn't remember who was who. I think that Kurtis was supposed to be real, though, because you can play as him and he fought Boaz. I don't see Karel fighting Boaz when Lara's not even there to see him. It wouldn't serve his purposes.

21st Jan 2006, 05:48
YES i would so like that!

21st Jan 2006, 22:19
Talked with Eidos so many times about this one. I personally find it really pathetic that they would drop a storyline and not continue it. So we're playing the games, then all of a sudden there's a gap. Really bad move. At least they could have a FMV explaining it, and ending it that way.

AOD was just the beginning of the novel they had written. So I think it is a poor choice to drop the storyline and not continue it. That's one reason why I am not really interested in TRL.