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12th May 2005, 20:16
Hitman: Blood Money ***First Official Trailer Revealed!***

Ever want to know what it feels like to live the life of killer for hire? A world where HOW you kill is as rewarding as WHO you kill? The world’s deadliest and arguably best dressed assassin, Agent 47, makes his triumphant return to quench your taste for blood…and money. Enter…Hitman: Blood Money. Today we bring you the first glimpse of Blood Money in motion with the release of the first official gameplay trailer. This majestic piece of cinematic Hitman goodness can only be described as wholly and completely…satisfying. In trailer one we see an array of new additions to the Hitman franchise from methods, to movement, to locale. It’s like a whole new world… View in awe as Agent 47 gives you an example of execution, a session in snuff…a one-on-one lesson in the art of contractual homicide. Money talks…silence pays...prepare to make a killing as Hitman: Blood Money targets a Fall 2005 release date in North America for PS2, Xbox and Windows PC.

Click HERE (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/downloads/search.html?gmid=159) for the blazing hot stream or full-on download...

Enjoy my friends....enjoy.


13th May 2005, 17:28
Thanks, is looking great not to mention the superb music.

17th May 2005, 01:24
Sweet. That's impressive. Did Jesper Kyd wrote that music in the trailer and will it be in the game?

17th May 2005, 16:16
I know Jesper Kyd did the music for the game, so it would stand to reason that he did the demo music too. Although I'm not positive, I'll speak with the game's producer when I get back from E3. :D


17th May 2005, 16:23
I'm sure you won't mind if I spare you the work.

From the IGN pre E3 preview:

Along with the signature visuals that Hitman is known for, music will also play an important role to tension and drama. If you haven't heard the music from past Hitman games, you're really missing something special and both IO and Eidos are committed to bringing back that very important piece of the puzzle including the brilliant Jesper Kyd, who has composed the music for previous Hitman titles along with a range of others. "For this game we wanted a very epic score that would match the nature of the storyline and he's definitely delivered. The music was recorded a while back with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Choir." You can even get an earful of what's in store for the final game with the new trailer. While the music was recorded for that trailer and will not be found in the game, it is "inspired and representative of the score used in Blood Money" giving you a good chance to hear the magic early.

17th May 2005, 16:26
Ah, thanks much @m. Although instead of going through websites I usually go straight to the horse's mouth. But apparently Mr Producer man is a tad late coming in this morning. :eek:


18th May 2005, 06:39
Although instead of going through websites I usually go straight to the horse's mouth.

Ah yes that's of course even better :)

18th May 2005, 20:22
wow... oh wow, that looks like it needs to be out now! in my hands as i carress it and hold it and let it know my touch (sigh) 47... :p I like the idea of the human shield and the brutality I would expect from a hitman (de breaking of de necks). and I know I saw a rocket launcher :confused: why oh why can't I have one on Contracts? Think 'Wang Fou Incident'. But I guess thats how Eidos is gonna get my $$. Add more stuff to go boom and bang. Hey Jebus, have you played a beta-version of this yet?

13th Sep 2005, 15:46
I have enjoyed all previous titles of our favorite assassin... but, with the upcoming movie and (suspected) delay of the game (to coincide with said movie) are we (loyal fans) going to see the same agent 47 or a "mass market" version of him, based on the movies main character?
Other question, are Edios and IOI executives aware of the long-term-fans concerns?

Worried fan....

13th Sep 2005, 16:04
(suspected) delay of the game (to coincide with said movie)

The reason the game was delayed (along with all the other major titles) was because Eidos has been taken over by SCi and their first decission was to postpone the titles to ensure their quality.

13th Sep 2005, 21:06
If I may ask; is there any truth to the possiblity of V. Diesel taking over the (video game)role of "47"... I've read this (somewhere)...

I assume that this would not affect Blood Money, but some future Hitman title...
(I hope I have been mislead...)


14th Sep 2005, 09:28
If I may ask; is there any truth to the possiblity of V. Diesel taking over the (video game)role of "47"... I've read this (somewhere)...

Well I know as much as you know but I don't think they would do this, it wouldn't make sense to me at least.

14th Sep 2005, 16:57
I've heard rumors of Vin Diesel playing the role as well, but I don't know for sure. IMO, I would like to see the guy from the Trasporter play Hitman. But that's me. :thumbsup:


14th Sep 2005, 23:54
I realize this is hear-say, I have no proof for, or against...

What I know comes from another forum (remaining nameless) regarding V. Diesel playing the role of "47" in the upcoming movie.

It has been said that Blood Money will be as advertized but, subsequent Hitman games (hypothetically) will be featuring the likeness of V.D. and his voice... also... aparently V.D. has his own "game" company (?) that will be the ones to produce the subsequent games... seems to me that this action will bring in more money for the "hitman franchise" but leaves the current fans out in the cold... (those who would like the game to continue evolving as it has so far)

...correct me if I am wrong...

15th Sep 2005, 08:28
I don't know either but I don't really see Eidos giving out such a franchise to a new game developer when they bought IOI in the past to secure the franchise and technology.

IMO, I would like to see the guy from the Trasporter play Hitman. But that's me.

Didn't see the movie but the trailers, the guy would seem fit to it, he has the look for it.

18th Sep 2005, 02:24
As soon as I saw The Transporter I thought Jason Statham would be perfect to play Agent 47 (I mean he's got the suit and the shaved head and all). Besides Vin Diesel seems too big to be playing Agent 47.