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11th May 2005, 20:08
Welcome to the Commandos Strike Force forum. Follow all the rules, and have fun.


~General Jebus :p

12th May 2005, 05:32
Ah nice, a place to move stuff to :)

12th May 2005, 08:11
Finally!! :D

12th May 2005, 09:31
Hello Gents,

Here we are again :D


12th May 2005, 09:36
Hello Gents,

Here we are again :D


Its aliiiive ;)

12th May 2005, 13:28
So...what about first impressions?
The trailers and the music look and sound good.

How about voices? Any guessing?
Any chance on specs?

And... is that Natasha with that German Officer?
Grabbing her...eeeh... behind? lol :rolleyes:
Nice touch though :D


12th May 2005, 15:15
And... is that Natasha with that German Officer?

Could be, I believe I read somewhere in an interview that there might be guest appearances but at that stage it wasn't final yet.

Found it:

Any cameos from the original? Will Whiskey the dog be in there, for example?

GarciĂ*: Well, we are not final on this yet, but there could be a surprise.


13th May 2005, 12:47
Hey, sick, congrats on your promotion. :)

~General Jebus :p

Oh, so you are a general now, eh? :D

Sheesh, they give away ranks to any one these days :D

zC4 Zeed
4th Jun 2005, 13:36
My memory is getting a little overheated I guess.. oh well, what the hell...

Greetings boys (and gals?), You can call me pab, or mak, it's your call... Others have some reserved names... [;)] doing good? ok, i hoped so!... We all win, didn't realize?

Keep in touch!

4th Jun 2005, 17:52
Having recently seen the Gamespot trailer of actual footage of the game, Commandos Strike Force looks really promising. These are my own first impressions:
I sure hope there is a bigger and wider arsenal of both allied and German weapons available. The GB and the Spy are using Russian and German weapon technology but I did not see any allied weapons apart from the standard colt. Thankfully this is not the case (of using only a limited range of weapons).
Seeing the game changing from first person perspective to third person as the GB and the Spy perform their killings is a nice touch and a tribute to the old commandos games. The GB also performs a new stealth and killing technique (in the old games he either sliced a throat from the front or pierced someone directly to the belly or chest. Now we see him using the knife and moving the blade in an up to down motion to slit the back of the throat or to penetrate the skull of the enemy. Nice touch too). The spy uses a piano wire… but honestly, I sure hope the lethal injection is somewhere too.
No cameo appearances in the footage sadly. Hopefully there will be something in game.
No driving any vehicles around too.
Also distracting someone by using a coin… should be cigarettes packs available too.
It seems that teargas is available for the first time in a commandos game. The use of it however (according to the gamespot footage) does not affect the commando at all. At the start I thought that this was only smokescreen but as the Germans started to cough, I changed my mind.
Blowing up things seems to be a common feature for all now. We see a sticky bomb and the use of antitank weaponry but no use of grenades in the footage or Molotov cocktails. The tank slowly burning and the driver getting out just to be engulfed in flames receives extra points by me.
I wonder what happens to the corpses after the Spy has taken the uniforms out of them. We see that uniforms of ordinary soldiers, sergeants and officers are available. It seems from first glance that this time around you do not hide dead bodies but that they just dissolve to thin air. Point taken out.
The usual and very annoying…but beautiful on the ears enemy siren is back. Point for it.
It seems that the A.I. still needs working to be done. Although the GB eliminates two Germans right in front of him, several others a few feet away do not even respond to the gunfire until after the GB has engaged them too. Unless the event was totally scripted that is a point out.
Best thing of all: sniper mode or bullet time. Everything seems to be slowing down as the sniper uses his mind and strength to eliminate the advance of the enemy atop a snowy bridge as the allies around begin to cover his fire. The game seems to have won my heart just for this feature.

That's all for now.


5th Jun 2005, 08:48
Also distracting someone by using a coin… should be cigarettes packs available too.

I believe those were planned to be in.

no use of grenades in the footage or Molotov cocktails.

Hmm I've seen molotov cocktails, it could be in one of the e3 trailers though. But I'm sure it were molotovs as you could see the molotov icon that was used in the previous games in the hud.

8th Jun 2005, 21:41
Hmm I've seen molotov cocktails, it could be in one of the e3 trailers though.

Yes, I have seen molotov cocktails in one of the trailers, I was just referring to the Gamespot footage.

Still, has anyone else seen the footage? Any likes or dislikes?