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11th May 2005, 14:05
http://img62.echo.cx/img62/8146/snowblindbadgraphics5ia.th.jpg (http://img62.echo.cx/my.php?image=snowblindbadgraphics5ia.jpg)

This is what happens to me on the third level. It's unplayable.

I think it has something to do with rain effects...

My gfx card is an ATi Radeon 9000, processor 2.8ghz pentium, 512MB ram.

I tried fiddling with the game's graphics settings but to no avail. Anyone know how to solve this? :(

11th May 2005, 18:09
It's probably compatibility with the Radeon. We have made the development team very aware of this problem and are doing everything we can about it.

11th May 2005, 20:18
So will I have to just wait before I can even play the game? :eek:

11th May 2005, 21:46
Hi there,

looks quite normal to me walk away from the liquid substance far far away from it - then it gets better - If you mean the very bad picture quality (similar to watching an analog tv screen when the signal of a program is very low)

think thats a part of the game - sometimes your bio implants cause to have visual disadvantages - for example if the place where you are is very wet.

that's what I think about it, in stages where the sun is shining :) you visuals are good.

12th May 2005, 01:50
it is definitely not part of the game

i cant see a damn thing!

i played this level on the xbox and there was heavy rain, but none of this stupid filter. and on the xbox version i could see a tank when it was in front of me! in this, i have got about 5% visibility. most of the things on this level seem to be untextured, apart from the puddles (notice on the left)

project: snowblind? project: blind more like

12th May 2005, 03:16
I'm having the same problem and I also have an ati radeon 9200. :(

19th May 2005, 19:23
Yea, thats the same thing i see in my game. I have the radeon 9250.

Sinner :mad:

19th May 2005, 23:43
I sent a message to eidos about the problem i'm having, this is what they had to say...

Eidos Interactive is a game publisher. We do not make or support
computer hardware, such as video and sound cards. Our support department
can help you troubleshoot difficulties, which I/we have done, that you
may have with your hardware and our games. However, we cannot and do not
provide support for the installation of hardware and/or installation of
hardware drivers. Further, we cannot provide hardware drivers to you.
The only suggestion that we can provide is that you contact the
hardware or computer manufactuer for help with this problem.

Your options are to upgrade your computer to hardware to meet or exceed
the minimum requirement or return the game to the point of purchase.

So if their saying their working on it, from this answer here i take it their not.. I play more games with hi res graphics that take a bigger card then this game so i know its not my vid card if there's alot of people on here complaining about the same problem.. I say we're SOOL.

Sinner :mad: :mad:

20th May 2005, 05:38
Did you try the latest drivers that came out? Catalyst 5.5?

4th Jun 2005, 20:05
same thing here on one comp ati radeon sumink dunno which but on anouther computer it works perfect with ati {but its a dearer one}

SORT IT OUT FAST :mad: !!!!

4th Jun 2005, 20:07
i have latest catlyst**

24th Jun 2005, 15:56
Has anyone solved this problem?
I have a radeon 9200SE and I have the exact same problem. I have tried all the radeon drivers from 4.10 to 5.6, I've even tried the Omega drivers for this card - all with no luck.
Any help would be appreciated!

13th Jul 2005, 21:54
I have an ATI Radeon 800XT card, I didn't notice any graphical errors in this area, I don't even think I noticed the rain, or I was just not concentrating on the environment enough. I use the latest catalyst drivers.

Works fine here, except the game LOVES to crash all the time though, when I see a savepoint, I run there fast, afraid of crashing before I reach the savepoint :rolleyes:

15th Jul 2005, 23:21
I have an ATI Radeon 800XT card, I didn't notice any graphical errors in this area, I don't even think I noticed the rain, or I was just not concentrating on the environment enough. I use the latest catalyst drivers.

Works fine here, except the game LOVES to crash all the time though, when I see a savepoint, I run there fast, afraid of crashing before I reach the savepoint :rolleyes:

ran fine here with x800pro vivo{flashed} only crashed twice. If you're running HT enabled you might try disabling it...worked for some. :)

21st Jul 2005, 14:58
Hyper Threading? Oh, I have that on my P4, hm... I did however notice less crashes when I turned off Xfire :confused:

2nd Aug 2005, 06:44
I have the 256mb 9250 radeon myself and am experiencing the same problem with this particular stage. I see my gun and arms just perfectly, but I can't see past the thick fog. The game runs perfect in multiplayer mode and the areas prior to reaching the "ambush" stage. As from reading from the posts above, it seems to be a problem with the ati 9000+ series. I've also tried installing all the other catalyst drivers that I could dig up, but none have solved the problem. I've tried everything other than replacing my video card, and I don't plan on doing so just for one videogame. For the people who are having the same problems as I, the only reasonable thing to do is to wait for a patch... :(

Please CD, come out with a patch soon... pretty please.


Bob Barker
4th Aug 2005, 19:35
have you adjusted the brightness level ?

4th Jan 2006, 22:11
turn the brightness up he says pffft"
yeah same problem no answers
the first map = Fine can see good everything works no problems graphics look exelent second map ambush shat hits the fan and nothings visable no matter the distance its looked at
Why couldnt they be open with all the graphical commands like quake did with the console commands easily accessed so they could be fiddled with. but nooooooo cant do that the people might be able to fix things better then the payed lackies. <- probably not true but none the less

xp2000+ radeon 9800pro128mb
catalyst 5.13

that does it im gonna go look for some 3rd party radeon drivers

fiddling with the game options do nothing so dont play the company and say ohh well did you turn off full screen effects Bah. and MAy For a patch is Too late. what say u we inindate their tech support with returned boxes of pc project snowblind containing 1 crispy disk and or defication or small dead rodents ?
im :mad: and my 49.99 non returnable opened still not experienced project snowblind allows me to be mad as i do believe when the REQUIREMENTS SAY RADEON 8500+ is ACCECPTABLE AND the radeon 9800 is not Accecptable is grounds to be VERY pissed as I feel lied to. Isnt it false advertising cuz wit this error they cant say the game Will run nore can they have Radeon 8500+ in the requirements section isnt that false information? and cant i do something about it wont some mass grouping of gamers band to gather and form a Pc gaming Quality control board so that all games to be sold must be Througly tested even more so then they are because lets face it radeon isnt New new technology nore is it old its right in the time frame of when the game was being tested shouldnt one of the lackys have gotten up and decided to get off of their 10,000 5ghz ge-force 9million develoer quality computer and install it on a regular run of the mill system? no that would waste valuble hours and hinder pushing it out the door and in to our hands for a quick buck like a crack addict pawning a cd player he knows doesnt work to well just for that quick crack/cash fix ERRR...