View Full Version : english instruction for xbox needed!!!

10th May 2005, 09:11
can any one please show me any link or anything to download or get the Snowblind for Xbox english instruction please.... i brought the game but it's in french........ thanks.... that would save my life...

10th May 2005, 20:03
wouldn' t it be great to learn french this way haa? learning by doing! :D
Ok - that was a Joke

I have the german version of Project: Snowblind for XBOX


when I change the language of the whole console to english in the XBOX preferences menu (don't know the exact name of the menupoint - in the root of your XBOX)...

...then the menu of P:S appears in english, too

I use the default control settings to play
they are as following:

primary fire = right trigger
alternate fire = left trigger

secondary fire = black
inventory = white

jump = A
crouch = B
reload/pickup/use = X
use augmentation = Y

left stick = movement
pressing left stick = melee attack
right stick = free look
pressing right stick down = zoom

digibad up = cycle primary up
digibad down = cycle primary down
digibad left = cycle augmentations
digibad right = cycle secondary

vehicles emplacements & bots are so easy to navigate that I don't need to type it in here...

hope this helps and you enjoy your snowblind experience :)



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