View Full Version : Sequel of Project: Snowblind

7th May 2005, 19:16
Are there any plans to create a sequel of Project: Snowblind?

- this game has so much potential

I think a better way of developing for the next time (if there is a next time) is to make the game primary for the pc and then downgrade it to the lower console level. I think XBOX 360 and and Playstation 3 will be on a higher level of technic in the beginning but a half year later the pc systems are equal and one year later the pc systems are on a higher state of art.

If this kind of development takes place one day a totally futurizised Project: Snowblind 2 with excellent graphic aspects and a rapid eye fast net-code - oh yeah - this game would rock million times more than what we all are playing right now.

ps: does anybody know how many exemplars of a game must be sold to make that much profit to be sure there will be a follower?