View Full Version : MULTIPLAYER Stats

7th May 2005, 18:34
Will the archived kills in a game be added to the stats if an network error occurs?

perhaps someone know that.



9th May 2005, 06:25
i'm not a 100% sure but nothing in the stats counts unless the game finishes.

9th May 2005, 06:52
Oh my God - That`s Why!

It happend to me quite often that the server brings me the message Server Network Error occured - then I was dropped out and if I searched the servers for running game sessions I recognized the session is still active.

So that should be fixed very soon - that's very anoying.

Although I think the game counts only the one player on the first place as the winner - all others are loosers so if you make the second place in a game session in your stats it will be appear as a lost game. That`s the second annoying stats thing.



3rd Jun 2005, 00:02
i only had a network error twice and thats only when i trying 2 join a game then i gotta end game by Alt+F4 or Task Manager otherwise the NEVER crashes maybe its the mashine u use ? or im just lucky one