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Miss Natla
6th May 2005, 20:00
...well, okay, I may not have been that famous in the first place. I used to hang out here waaaay back when Kurtis Trent was just a glint in some designer's eye (those were the days!). I kind of disappeared after AOD came out (because it kind of...urm...sucked, and also, I got into The Getaway in a huge way). I was also called Sugar-Sprinkled-Starfish, or SSS, and I was completely fanatical about Larson. Well, I've moved onto different things now (good-looking policemen in pre-school programs ;) ) but I still carry a flame for my dear Larson H, and I still love Tomb Raider!

So, anybody out there who remembers me? Any Larson-related gossip about? :)

6th May 2005, 20:19
SSS, I wondered where you went...but alas you have solved the mystery.

Nice to see you up and about!

7th May 2005, 05:43
hello and welcome back. I'm going to go hide now so I dont get blasted with an energy bolt. :D :D :D

7th May 2005, 15:21
Good to see you round here again. :)

8th May 2005, 23:30
Hey Starfish, long time no see girl!!! How you doing? ;)

18th May 2005, 06:57
Welcome, back SSS!! :)

I don't know if you remember me, but I was also on the old forum.

How is your hubby Larson doing? :D

22nd May 2005, 15:57
I remember you, too, and I was sure you had more than 67 posts in your previous incarnation. I hadn't been here in a while myself; I almost feel like an outsider! :eek: