View Full Version : Game keeps trying to install

6th May 2005, 14:35
Bought this game for my son - it's a blast! The only problem we have is that it keeps trying to install itself. The orginal installition went fine. Any ideas? The system it is running on is a AMD Athlon 3200+ 1 gig of ram with a ATI 9800 Pro video card.

12th May 2005, 18:47
Its an annoyance that can't be solved. For what ever reason the developer chose to let the setup auto run everytime the disc is inserted. Just click cancel and then finished.

30th May 2005, 23:26
Is there really no way to stop this happening ?

31st May 2005, 13:29
There is one way, but its sorta throwing the baby out with the bath water method. You can disable autorun, so that none of your CD's autorun. That would prevent the install from starting. The only negative is you would lose that functionality for every other disc you put in.

If you went with this scenerio you could still run things off the CD rom, it just wouldn't be automatic.