View Full Version : Will retail IG be able to choose the recommended settings for specfic video card?

5th May 2005, 14:52
I have Geforce 6200, which is the lowest end of the current Nvidia Geforce 6 series, and it's supposed to be on the recommended video card list of the tech spec, although the game runs smooth usually and I can get between 30 to 60 fps using program called Fraps (www.fraps.com), when troops are running and there's always dust generated, that's when game slows down and fps drops to below 20, it's even worse when I zoon in, I get fps below 10.
So what is the graphic option to turn that dust animation off or lower the quality? I tried animation quality but still no change observed.

So I hope the developer of this game, at this moment, can fully test this game using different types of video card, including the new Geforce 6200, to tweak this game and choose the best setting for the game to run as efficient as possible.

It seems the demo doesn't know wat setting to choose for different video card, I had Geforce fx5200 before, the default setting is set to high for everything, trillinear, but the max fps is only 20!, the game ran horrible.

anyone please post range of fps you get playing this game, fps you get when large amount of troops are running when zoomed in and the video card you've got.

5th May 2005, 16:13
If you test your fps with something like fraps you'll always get a performance hit because the program needs to run as well.