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2nd May 2005, 14:28
I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and I was checking out the game mags, and two of them said that 25tl was coming out may 1st (yesterday)... any explanation? is it really already out!?

2nd May 2005, 17:03
That is an older release date.

It was supposed to be March, then May, now July/August

3rd May 2005, 14:35
The dates are totally screwed. But I said before that on www.game-revolution.com they have it as 17 July 2005 and EB games has it on the same date!

5th May 2005, 16:48
Magazines have what are called lead times. They have to have all the information in about a month or two before the actual issue comes out, so they use the most current information at the time. In this case that was the most current information at that time.

Trust me, I was working in QA at the time and we all had a laugh at the fact that the game should have been on the shelf that day. :)

16th May 2005, 20:51
I really want to know the month it's going to come out. Is it really 7/12/05?

16th May 2005, 22:04
aww so its not june?

16th May 2005, 22:40
I don't know but thats what I see on the game sites now.