View Full Version : Where's the Xbox LIVE demo?

1st May 2005, 17:48
Many LIVE games have demo's for them out months ahead of time.

Take Unreal Championship 2 for instance. The demo (3 playable characters, 3 maps, limited weapons, 4 player MAX over LIVE) was released months ahead of the game, and Midway found ways to improve the game based upon the feedback they received.

Now I'm not saying we need a fully customizable, 8 on 8 matches game...

How about the choice of gangsta or cop... and throw in a few different shirts and hats or something like that.. make it up to say 4 on 4 at the most... throw in a few guns, maybe one or two maps, or just one per game type.. like one team deathmatch map, and one other gametype.

COMEON!!!! I'm DYING over here!