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1st May 2005, 09:26
let me get some things out of the way first

1.yes i am white
2.yes i live in a small town(9,000)
3.yes i am a threat to my comunity

on the street thay call me "take that" as its my catch fraze"i see **** i take that""you got a good life i take that"

ive seen on this forums "your white your not gangsta or you got xbox your not gangsta"

wear i live you got to watch out or you dead or in the hospital for a cupple of months

in the last year ive lost 6 friends to drug overdoses alone

so if your ever in ohio stop bye and and you can hang out and get robed

3rd May 2005, 07:09
No one wants to here about your suposibly white gangsta life.

ill tell you right now tho trying to explane that you are a gangsta dont look to good in your favor of trying to pose as one. stateing how you gotta "watch yo back where you live"

If your a gangsta good be one and shut yo mouth, you dont need to explane ***** to folks online who will most likely take everything you say as a lie. you dont see real gangsta's comin on to online gameing fourms stateing theres real gangstas. As for your "friends" who died from drugs. that dont mean *****, ive had people like themtoo, just means your hanging around with dumbass people.

as for me, im no gangsta. just a hood *****, grew up in the hood, doin my thing, movin slowly in life.

3rd May 2005, 12:14
I consider you all a threat to orthography. :p

3rd May 2005, 14:29
Thats true do what you do and throw yo hands up....just like people here on 24's spinners ridin up the local strips(Black side/Westside) of town, now if you pushin why ridin around town havin everyone look at you? atleast get a second pushin car that makes you look a lil less suspicious, but it you black here you always are......people online need not proclaim what they did or bout to do cus until I see it or hear about it on CNN, all it is TEXT so really NET-THUGS dont waste yo time cus the 8 year old kid with the name KillaNigs4ThaTay is slangin mo bricks than you lol :D

P.S. across town theres only a few tho that hold there hood down whites can be thugs too but only a select few who can get in the game just like any race period theres those that can and those who cant handle it.

10th May 2005, 03:55
lol see want 50 cent has done to these wiggers lol

11th May 2005, 14:43
You know how bad it's going to suck when we inherit the world? I mean, this guy is obviously some twelve year old kid who lives in backwoods f***ing nowhere, and IF he was telling the truth, he's a f***ing thief and I would LOVE to travel up to Ohio to see him try to take something of mine. Get a job, you f***ing loser.

"When they returned from church, the couple found their belongings had been stolen and the dog nearly beaten to death.
'We called the police, but they were already out here,' said Mark."

That's the ending of that little story he linked to. OK - I seriously hope that wasn't you, because whoever did that is the biggest p*ssy ever. Who beats up a dog? It pisses me off that you even showed that... It's almost like you want to take credit for it, or you think it makes you're town look cool. That ***** is not cool. If you are from a place like that, you should be ashamed of that kind of *****, not showing it to all of us.

11th May 2005, 15:01
just one more reason for my desire to see someone start a nuclear war. this planet needs someone to hit the reset button.

Mr. Smileyface
13th May 2005, 04:34
just one more reason for my desire to see someone start a nuclear war. this planet needs someone to hit the reset button.

no doubt. :cool:

24th May 2005, 03:23
and the crickets chirp ..................................................................YOU STILL THERE O-G??...LOL

24th May 2005, 20:54
this game better be good

24th May 2005, 22:43
were taking eveything wats goods

25th May 2005, 16:13
There's no reason such a thread can ever become something, so I might as well just close it now.