View Full Version : Any Hints on how to get past General Steroid Overload toward the end of the game?

30th Apr 2005, 18:54
If I'm Nathan Frost, I'm kicking someone's ass when this is over for the lousy intel. Flechette swarms seem to work best, but I haven't gotten past him yet. :confused:

30th Apr 2005, 19:30
Made it into the the next level on the third try. Find a corner of the room and let the bots come to you. Take out the spiders with the assault rifle. Take out the walkers with the HERF. Occupy the general with a couple of nanite swarms from the flechette then hit him with a rocket when his shields fail. The general is toast. Mouthy bastard, too.

2nd May 2005, 12:01
Defeating the crazy general
The most effective technique is to slow down time and hit him with a full railgun shot; the alternate fire of the railgun; or the alternate fire of the shotgun. However, you must first disable his shield with an EMP grenade. Once done, you will do substantial damage. It will break into a intermission sequence and spiderbots will appear. Kill themm then resume fighting the general. If you have enough Bio Energy, repeat the previous tactic. If not, use the EMP, then the alternate fire of the railgun or shotgun. The shotgun is easier to hit him with, but does less damage. After you inflict more damage, walkers will appear. Destroy them with the method of your choosing (rocket launcher recommended). Then, once again resume the fight with the general. This is his last round -- spare no expense. Wear down or use an EMP on his shield, then kill him with massive fire power, or one of the alternate attacks of the railgun or shotgun.

Easy kills
Enemies that are not Bosses can be killed with the ice pick. One hit and they are down. After about a second you hear the sound of the ice pick breaking their spine.

Using Spiderbots
If you want to control your Spiderbot, then use the icepick.

6th May 2005, 03:40
I'll try that next time.

Raging Walrus
6th May 2005, 05:24
LOL Steriod Overload. That makes me wanna LMAO!