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29th Apr 2005, 22:46
I was playing the game for a few days using my joy stick as my primary input device, and everythign was working fine. Now my kids hit something, and now when I go into controls, it does not display my joy stick any more....all it has is are the keys defined for the 2 players...


30th Apr 2005, 01:04
If you go into the Controller options menu, highlight the first movement, press Enter, then press that same direction on your controller's D-Pad or analog stick. It should then be set to your controller. Do the same for all the other movements. Then go ahead and set all the action keys. The game should then use the controller again. ;)


30th Apr 2005, 16:14
So now, I can at least set the up, down, left and right using the joystick, but it does not recognize anf of the buttons on the joy stick. I am using a Micrsoft Sidwinder Precision 2 joystickwith 7 buttons, and when I first started, all of the buttons were assigned, but not any more.

I have tested out the joy stick with other programs, and the buttons work there, as well as I have tested it using the control panel\game controllers test function, and everything works there....

Any ideas? also, any idea why I could not use the mouse and mouse buttons as another input device?


16th May 2005, 17:51
Unfortunately, the game was never designed to use a mouse. Only the keyboard or game controller. Go into the Windows Game Controller menu (from Control Panel) and remove the gamepad from the list. If you have an software installed for the game controller, uninstall it. Then restart the computer, and let Windows reinstall the software for it. Also check the manugacturer's website for any possible updates for the controller that you can download.


17th May 2005, 09:34
Actually, I don't think this is an issue in any way with your hardware.

I've never had my gamepad working, the games config can only recognise the directional buttons...

I haven't been offered any support from edios because I'm running an xbox controller with a cable mod and they 'don't support that kind of thing.'

HOWEVER: When I installed the game my gamepad wasn't installed, so when (after installation) the game did it's hardware check it didn't find a gamepad and so never expected one would be running. However, I reinstalled the game with the gamepad installed and now the buttons are configured to JDIRECTION & J1 through 8. I still can't configure the controlls but at least the gamepad works. Also if you press F1 (stupid key for defult reset) and the controls are set back to defults (which is a keyboard config) the game won't function with your gamepad anymore and you will have to reinstall.

I think it's revolting for a game designed for a gampad to offer such limited support and compatability for the devices.

Thanks edios!!

30th May 2005, 18:26
This is the game. Not the controller.

5th Jun 2005, 02:57
:D :D They are going to work on this! Awesome!!!

"Eidos Customer Support" <bounce_cs@eidos.com> Add to Address Book
To: me...
Subject: Eidos: Response to Support Request
Date: 2 Jun 2005 11:29:11 -0700

Greetings me...,

Thank you for your message. We have gotten a lot of
people reporting problems while trying to configure
their game controllers. The game's publisher, Giant
Interactive, is currently looking into makeing a patch for
this problem, but I do not have any info about it yet.
I apologize for the inconvenience.

:D :D :D :D :D :D

10th Jun 2005, 22:42
I am incredibly frustrated by the controller issues with this game. I was unable to re-map the keyboard assignments. I also have a gamepad, and I am unable to remap them. The default settings on the keypad don't work right, so I can not even play this game.

Any timeline on that patch?