View Full Version : Online Totally Screwed Up!!!

29th Apr 2005, 16:45
Hey is anyone else experiencing major problems with online play ... Last night I was playing, when I tried to connect again this morning, I couldn't . The server still thinks that I am still in a game from last night. So I created a new name and proceeded to log in, and there was my game from last night in red with only 1 player in it, me... Now I can't even connect with the new name because it still thinks that that one is logged in too , Im totally screwed, is anyone else having this problem???
Jay :eek:

29th Apr 2005, 17:01
Hehe, check your PM's.....

29th Apr 2005, 17:36
Just wanted to pass the word to you, we are aware of the trouble, and it's being worked on right now. I have no estimate as to when things will be sorted out, but we are trying. K?