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28th Apr 2005, 21:06
Hello. My brother and I didn't want to crowd our hands around one keyboard, or buy another keyboard or game-pad. So I developed a program, Virtual Keyboard, that relays key commands from one computer to another. So I start up Lego Star Wars on my PC, and my brother can use his laptop keyboard to play as Player 2, over our wireless network.

If anyone is interested in using my software, just say so, and I'll post a link to download the server-client Virtual Keyboard with instructions.

May the Force be with you...

Note to the Devs: I don't know if you read these posts, but, if you do, is there anyway too add 2 more players to the game? I assume that co-op was made 2-player because anymore and you get a real crowded keyboard. My software doesn't have any limit on what keys are pushed and how many clients connect...so if there's anyway for us to mod the game into maybe a 4-player co-op, that'd be sweet! Crowded moniters aren't my problem though. :D

19th May 2005, 09:55
That's pretty impressive. Shoz us the link.

I got a gamepad for the same reason... but if I could have done this life would have been much bettera.