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24th Apr 2005, 22:32
Check it out:


Enjoy! :)

24th Apr 2005, 23:12
That is sweet like candy this :D :D :D

25th Apr 2005, 02:42
anythin on waterloo

25th Apr 2005, 12:37
That is sweet like candy and it shows that the devs are trying to make this game as historicly accurate as possible :D :D :D

Actually it doesn't tell us anything at all. Except that the Pyramids battle will have the Mamelukes outnumbering the French by 2:1.

Can you form divisional squares in IG? With about 8-12 battalions in one large formation with guns inside? That's what Napoleon did at the Pyramids.

25th Apr 2005, 12:53
Yeah, I do not see where you find that this means the game will be more historically accurate.

You are still fighting with battallions that form small (and solid) squares.

The screenshot that shows the most French troops is >600!!!!! Where are the other 24,400 men?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

25th Apr 2005, 13:05
there i edited it happy now

25th Apr 2005, 13:23
Oh, and this isn't a preview, it's a designer diary. :)

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27th Apr 2005, 22:15
There's something weird, there are two different kinds of square formations in the screenshots!

27th Apr 2005, 22:40
well i saw some screenshots on the battle of minsk