View Full Version : imperial assassins

23rd Apr 2005, 13:42
ok i made our forum and site
the forum isnt being used much i admit but please tell me what you think of this site (note dont sugest paying for a site ;) )


Lord Caeres
15th May 2005, 01:50
Lol? are you serious? your clan only has 14 members? ROFL wow the ones the game i play on have thousands of members. but then again, millions of people play it every day. good luck with your clan, maybe if you came onto SC, WC2 or 3, or WoW id make you an ally.

15th May 2005, 13:50
i dont want more then 20 for now lol
i would hate a huge clan at the start
14 is an averege size

15th May 2005, 23:02
Its a really nice, clean site, has all of the stuff your guys could possibly need. But on the side of CREATIVE critacism, for some reason, its raining on your site for no apparent reason, and the small music bite is too short, but any larger and it would kill the 56k users so it may be better to lose.
But as I said, a really nice site, once your up and running, and Ive got the game, I might look you up (if thats ok of course)