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Anakin Skywalker
23rd Apr 2005, 07:50
I'm not sure if IG will be able to resist it's enemies. In my opinion games like Cossacks II won't be a problem. Once I was a big Cossacks-fan, so I bought the successor as well. Well, I was a bit dissapointed and that's why I'm confident that IG will be the better game set in the Napoleonic era. But what about titans like Rome:TW? Definately one of the best strategy-games in the history of computer-games. Everything is there: cool graphics, enough realism, good AI etc. IG won't beat Rome, in the best case it will manage to exist besides it.

23rd Apr 2005, 12:21
It all depends what CA do with the TW franchise. It seems they plan no more titles, however a certain group of modders are doing a conversion to the Napoleonic era so that's one to watch for.

Anakin Skywalker
23rd Apr 2005, 15:32
Well, I've heard Crative Assembly is working on a next TW-game since they startet to work on Rome. The time frame isn't known yet (not by us), but I guess it WILL be napoleonic wars, because the already had ancience, middleages, and 16.th-century Japan. Now they have to create a napoleon-game, or? I'm sure, in 2006 or 2007 we all will play Napoleon:Total War! This is gonna be cool!
May the force be with our English friends from CA!

23rd Apr 2005, 17:41
Trouble is the TW style of map play does not suit the Nap period so it would require a rethink as to how they set the camapign up. One period the TW game would work well IMHO is Renaissance Italy which was all small city states and warring noble factions - pikemen, handguns, lots of sexy heavy cavalry and great visual appeal in the pageantry.

Anakin Skywalker
24th Apr 2005, 11:31
I hate the Renaissance. Well, not really, but for a strategy game I would hate it. If I'm keen on close combats with cold metall, I buy something about the Ancient Rome (like Rome ;) ) or the middleages (like Medieval ;) ).
And if I like blackpowder smoke (like I do) I want to fight in the 19.th century!