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22nd Apr 2005, 13:00
As probably most here, I'm completely psyched at the prospect of a brand-spankin' new TR installment with the new AOD improvements in graphics, atmospherics, etc (and having blown off gaming for about a year I'm just now getting to the final levels of AOD for the first time,) but at the same time everybody is painfully aware of AOD's downsides, its multitude of bugs, crashes, and miscellaneous annoyances.

Doubtlessly the TR production team has had an ample earful since AOD's release and has had time to work out most of the more horrific bugs - like the music box ballerina thing on stairways, the lurking Structured_Exception_Handle_Error crashes at every turn and various sound and video card anomalies. But there are a few subtler gripes I want to air, and on the off-chance that others may have their peeves, this is as good a place as any to do it, right?

Since I'm still playing it, mine are fresh in mind. Now since I know absolutely nothing about programming in the context of game engine development, some of this may not have any easy remedy, but I'll take the chance.

=> One thing that's really been bugging me is the touchy, unforgiving nature of basic navigation around inanimate objects. The unwieldiness of the controls with the new engine is by now legendary and hopefully something the programmers have been busting their butts to fix, and one manifestation of that clumsiness is that it seems as though every tiny protrusion, doorframe, pebble, door handle, whatever, will stop Lara dead in her tracks and require an infuriating amount of gamepad maneuvering to get around.

=> Another related irritation is the difficulty in simple approaches to pick-ups. An example is one of the cells in the Sanitarium where Kurtis has to pick up a medpak off of a cot - you need to line him up perfectly on a knife-edge before the hand icon appears, then freeze all movement until the pick-up is secured. I know there's the opposite extreme of making things too easy, but is this really necessary? It's not a case of added difficulty that makes for a challenging puzzle, just klunky maneuverability that quickly becomes frustrating for all the wrong reasons and decidedly "un-fun."

'Got any of yours?

23rd Apr 2005, 06:10
check out the TR Legacy threads. they're doing that over there under " now that tr7 is almost here" some good points.