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20th Apr 2005, 20:25
Hi Folks,
Okay, here we go! We will be running a clan-v-clan competition for Project: Snowblind PS2 and Xbox. (PC will be announced a little later) This first clan tournament will be limited to 6 participating clans each. The tournament will be made up of a Round Robin, with 1 point awarded to the winning team of each match. After the Round Robin phase, the top two teams will play a match for the overall victory. Winners will be added to the Project: Snowblind Honor Guard, and be eligible for gifts from Eidos (limit of 8 per winning team)

Registration is open now to the first six clans who apply. To join, send an email to the Eidos Online Community Representative (community@eidos.com) with your clan’s name, you clan tag, an email address for the clan’s leader or a clan officer who will be in charge of contacting opponents, and a roster of your clan’s members, before 25 April 05. Good luck!

(For more details, please see here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=49461))

Xbox Tournament Format and Rules:

1. Scheduling: Round Robin Matches will occur once a week, the exact day being left to the opposing clans’ discretion. Match-ups for the first round will be announced by the Eidos Online Community Representative on 25 April 05.
2. Each week will feature a different match format, determined by the Eidos Online Representative. For example: week 1 might require all teams to fight CTF in Downtown Sai Kung, while week 2 would be TDM in Kowloon Garage.
3. Challenges: once the week’s match-ups are announced, the opposing clans must contact each other via email only to set up their matches. These messages must be sent by clan leaders or officers designated by clan leaders to other clan leaders or officers designated by clan leaders. The Eidos Online Community Rep (community@eidos.com) must be CC'd on the messages. Challenges must be formatted as such:
‘Team 1’
‘Team 2’
'1st choice of game day/time'
'2nd choice of game day/time'
Size of game (4 v 4, 6 v 6)

4. When a challenge is accepted, both teams exchange their rosters for the game (rosters should always include up to two alternate players to sub for anyone who misses the match).
5. Official clan matches are 4 on 4 or 6 on 6 by mutual agreement, with the Eidos Online Community Rep casting deciding vote if necessary.
6. The choice of host should be based on the quality of that player's connection (naturally) by mutual agreement of the opposing teams. The Eidos Online Community Rep will resolve any disputes.
7. The host for the match will add all players on the two rosters to his/her friend list (host's clan mates will already be there I should think) prior to the start time.
8. Matches are to be held in private games only.
9. Once the private game has been created, the host will immediately send invites to all the members of the two team's rosters to join the match.
10. The first round of the match will be a warm-up, the result of which will not count toward the results of the match.
11. Protests and complaints will be registered with the Online community rep via email after the match.
12. Matches must be made up of three rounds (not counting the warm-up round). Winner of the most rounds is the winner of the match.
13. If the match is being played as part of a championship, the losing team reports the results.
14. Scoring limits are to be:
CTF - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 3 captures.
DEM - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 3 bombs detonated.
TDM - Rounds to be 20 minutes or 50 kills.

15. Players must be grouped by clan affiliation. All the players on a team must belong to a single clan and all the players on the other team must belong to another clan. No team switching is allowed once the Warm-Up round is over.
16. Clans are awarded one point per match they win. At the end of the round robin phase of the tournament, the two clans with the most points will fight a match for overall honors. If there is a tie between three or more teams at the end of the round robin phase, then single elimination matches will be played between the top teams to determine the overall winners.
17. Any violation of the terms of our online agreement by a player/team will disqualify them from the tournament. The copy of this agreement is located here: http://www.eidos.com/online/

8th Jun 2005, 16:52
Too bad very few people play this game online! I have a feeling that NoX would be able to take everybody down.

19th Jun 2005, 05:58
Main reason I left, lack of competition. Sad when you still pull 4:1 kill/death ratio's on the top ranked players.

19th Jun 2005, 06:07
I think someone has a BIG HEAD !!! I bet my life that you would get demolished by a few of the PC's top players ....

So Stop acting like your the man, you DORK, before somebody slaps the ***** outta you and puts you back into your place ....

Youre just a Little Man With A Big Head ! :eek:

Jay :cool:

21st Jun 2005, 08:48
BOINK YOU GOT PS2 im a top player come see my on ps2 and there is a lot less cheating on here 2.ill put you down real quick.so go buy it if you dont have it., peace DEATH is AWAITING YOU1! AHHAHAHA

24th Jun 2005, 04:48
I don't feel as if I have to prove anything to you. The stats speak for themself. #1 still...havnt played in almost 3 months, 1280/120ish W/L, 5.45 K/D ratio. Zero team switching. I was simply stating the reason I resigned from this game. That and lack of a real clan vs clan system. Maybe something will be implemented into the game further down the road, til then I can only wait for my Xbox 360. :(