View Full Version : Post demo impression – battles MUST BE slower!!!!

keyser soze
20th Apr 2005, 11:58
Many already have said this but just wanted to repeat main flaw in Demo – units in battles MUST BE slower :eek: . I hope that developers will see this because game looks very promising. :)

20th Apr 2005, 14:09
they are fine to me they shouldnt be as fit do

Commisar Adam
20th Apr 2005, 14:29
Yes, the infantry do move at incredibe speeds. Speed is especially tedious when it comes to micromanagment, especially because the infantry have the nasty tendency to run into combat without orders. While the rest of your army is charging away at super-human speeds, you end up having to clck each regiment and specifically give it orders. In addition to slower speeds, they must add a stand ground command

20th Apr 2005, 14:30
can't handle the fun can you?

Anakin Skywalker
20th Apr 2005, 15:55
Yeah, they must be slower, but please not as slow as the CossacksII battles.

20th Apr 2005, 17:28
Well, this is my opinion on why Pyrostudios has speed up the RTS battles just a little bit. So, I might be wrong if so someone please correct me. :D

What I read and saw from the turn base strategy board is that it is BETTER then that of Medieval TotalWar & Rome TotalWar.. it's more humanly. So, here is my theory what was the intention of Pyrostudios.

* Imagine you are on the turn base strategy board on the diplomatic slice of it.

* And you tell the CPU AI of a certain country that you want an trade treaty and the b(i)tch refuses.

* Believe me, you would like to punish it. And you conquer and take just one province from it and you come back again on the turn base strategy board (on the diplomatic slice of it) and you demand a trade treaty and this time you have a big chance it will submit to your will. LOL. :D

Now, by doing this wouldnt you like to have a quick battle so you can go on handling your empire management on the turn base strategy board as soon as possible again?

I think not just the RTS side of Imperial Glory will be much fun but also its turn base strategy board side.

20th Apr 2005, 22:18
well, I believe that would be one of the times you would autobattle ;)

20th Apr 2005, 22:22
autobattle???! :eek:



21st Apr 2005, 09:30
A variable speed slider would fix this. Sloooooow for those who like it slow and superfast for the clickfest fans.

21st Apr 2005, 20:42
i hope diplomacy will be good
In RTW this sucked so much, even Alpha Centauri of 1999 had more interesting diplomacy than RTW has..

21st Apr 2005, 21:11
thsi game is as fast as mtw wich was slow enough

22nd Apr 2005, 21:21
Oooo, no, IG plays much faster than MTW, OK so you can spend as long as you like deploying in both games but once your units breach the 'sphere of awareness' of the enemy AI, it reacts and comes at you all guns blazing in both games. But in IG the combat resolution is so much faster than in MTW. I had an MTW game just this evening between just 3 units and I got a great 16 minutes gameplay out of that, 10 of which were combat. Great game that.

22nd Apr 2005, 22:21
thinking back i think you're right
they move toawrds you slowly but from there theres little you can do to help your troups but hope you set up write

Joe 98
23rd Apr 2005, 02:23
they are fine to me they shouldnt be as fit do

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23rd Apr 2005, 08:03
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Anakin Skywalker
23rd Apr 2005, 09:12
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23rd Apr 2005, 10:08
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23rd Apr 2005, 11:58
mob, you need to be careful what you post, a moderator might close your account if you continue being so rude to people. You're acting directly in contravention of the forum rules to which you agreed to abide when you signed up for this forum.

Why can't you communicate with people on a non-confrontational basis? It's getting tiring reading your rude posts.

23rd Apr 2005, 13:40
I like the speed of the battles.
When there are 3 weak units on each side, firing at each others it looks really cool and takes veryyyy long. Every volley kills only 2-3 men :cool:

26th Apr 2005, 13:48
Is this a saying from Shakespear ?

its english dumass

I'm sorry but this made me start laughing out loud at work. hehehe
Obviously you haven't taken basic highschool english class. In it you would learn that William Shakespear did infact live in England and walso from that country. Also you would find out that they only make you read the plays in which everyone dies. :)

26th Apr 2005, 23:56
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