View Full Version : Map and unit editor?

19th Apr 2005, 22:43
Will it be possible to mod maps? Place houses fortifications, fences, bushes, trees, etc... And will it be at all possible to mod the units? Like rename them, place them in a pre-set position on the battlefield before the game starts? I'd appreciate some info.

Commisar Adam
20th Apr 2005, 03:22
I know that in several other games a map editor is available in the full version, which enables you create a map entirely from scratch. There are Mods for maps, but I don't know if it allows you personally to adjust the map. I wish I could be of more assistance! :(

20th Apr 2005, 08:27
Give me some money and ill .....cook something up..... ehhe... yes.
Money. now.

20th Apr 2005, 10:48
TAFN: Will the game be open for modding? We are sure there are enough talented map designers and modellers who can bring the community to a higher level with the help of some history buffs. A game is never too complex for modding. What do you think?

FC (Pyro): The level of exigency we have on graphics and on gameplay pushed us towards the decision of making all maps by hand and not generated, as in other RTS games. All strategic points, tactics and all gameplay mechanisms are developed with an internal and very precise editor that would need a lot of time to master for people willing to make a mod. This complex yet precise tool is not something we’ve considered getting public, at least at this time. This does not mean that the community will not get anything from us. We are already planning a few things.

But as Berdan has already prove it's still moddable.