View Full Version : Im getting super low fps in snowblind

19th Apr 2005, 22:07
Yesterday snowblind was working very well, im getting high fps maybe more than 60(not really sure) all the time, but now everthing is so slow and laggy,i litterally get 8 fps all the time(gameplay and introduction videos)while my other games work fine like Swat 4,Obscure and Redfaction,Plz help me!

My Comp Specs
Ati 9800pro
AMD 1700xp
640 mb ram
40 gig HD

19th Apr 2005, 22:37
I fixed it on my own, i just pluged back my genius gamepad and everything went fine,now im having good fps. the strange thing is how can a mere gamepad affect the game so bad the fps drop down to 8, this game is definitely full of bugs/glitch and really really needs a patch