View Full Version : Catalyst 5.1 Installed-ig Is Fun! My Apology To Pyrostudios For My Negativity

19th Apr 2005, 21:53
I took the dive into the deep and I installed ATI Catalyst 5.1 and the Imperial Glory demo doesnt get stuck on me anymore not after 4 or 5 minutes or ever! :) I can play all the way now and smoothly! :eek: :)

The IG demo works like a charme now and it's FUN! :eek: :) I sincerely hope that the full version of Imperial Glory works smoothly without any Catalyst version or some other program.

Now, I dont mind anymore about the pause & giving order during pause option anymore. But what I still care about is the stand/hold ground option which I hope is in the full version of Imperial Glory. And looking at the screenshots they have.. I hope. Because nothing is so annoying when your men run towards the enemy while you dont want them to.

And even though there are not 5.000 or 10.000 soldiers on the screen Pyrostudios has realy managed to make it seem full.

And the graphics of the landscape realy surpasses that of RomeTotalWar. And it's like you can FEEL the climate. It's like you are standing yourself there and if you are in a desert like that in the Cyrenaica Battle you can actualy FEEL the sand in your boots! LOL!

And the cavalry is not insane or stupid or suicidal, because when the enemy for example forms a square (or block, lol) then your cavalry automaticaly retreats which is a very smart or sane decision. BRAVO Pyrostudios, the AI of Imperial Glory is in top shape!

Okey.. now comes the embarrassmenting part of this thread: I hereby apologize to Pyrostudios & Eidos for my negative comments, I'm realy sorry and I will now only proclaim POSITIVE comments/vibes on Imperial Glory. I hope you guys can forgive my sorry ass. :o

And when Imperial Glory comes out I will certainly rush out to go buy it. :)

Emperor Asrailius
19th Apr 2005, 22:16
welcome to the light side. agree that the AI is pretty smart. i would like a army size in the area of 3000 units though and the stand ground function.

but anything worth having is worth waiting for... :cool:

19th Apr 2005, 23:26
welcome to the light side.

The force may be with you. lol. :) :D :)

20th Apr 2005, 06:21
Now, I dont mind anymore about the pause & giving order during pause option anymore.

How come? Is the game speed more slowly with this catalyst so that you can manage to controls your units anyway?

/Lars L.

20th Apr 2005, 07:31
LOL! :)

No, of course not. The gamespeed is not 'more slowly', but because the demo works smoothly now I can now just choose a formation, pause, I go to a location on the map, unpause, and let them go there. This way of battle is also possible, when it becomes a habit, a second nature of doing things in a pc game.

And because the demo works smoothly now I have now all the time of the world to finish the battle, especialy the Battle of Cyrenaica. :)