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18th Apr 2005, 23:04
Well i didn't post much in here but i read most of the common opinions,
which is my opinion in 80% of the cases too..

I'm not sure if Pyro really dated back IG but i know that they did years ago with Praetorians. In mid 2002 they were in the finishing phase with Praetorians.

After sending pre-versions to game magazines the feedback of the biggest? german magazine PCGames was: This game has really enourmous potential!
BUT there were so many little lacks in gameplay which dropped the fun alot.
e.g. the troops didnt react fast enough, mouse cursors didnt change in game context ....

What Pyro did ? They didn't release it in 2002, but put polished the gameplay another time and balanced the game more. Until 2003 i had nearly forgotten about Praetorians. Then, luckily i saw the demo at gamespy and downloaded it. What i got was the best tactic game i have ever played im my life. I played it online for nearly 2 years until autumn 2004.

Well there are few Praetorians developers left in the IG team
(don't know why the team changed but that is what i read)
but will the story of Imperial Glory become like the story of Praetorians?

Maybe it would be good for IG :rolleyes:

18th Apr 2005, 23:17
lol i'm not sure even a YEAR would help change this game at this point....