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John D.
18th Apr 2005, 17:26
A note from one of my betatesters:

8. As before, the pocket stats are wrong. It says there are 10. I got credit for 0. I found three loot items on dead AI – two under water, and one in Mother’s room, and I think I turned all of them over that I could find (auto search on). I could not find any pockets on live AI. So, given that 10 is off by one as usual in T2, that is 6 unaccounted for and 3 in error, In error because items on dead guys cannot be counted as pockets. I know that is the default behavior of Dromed, but that can be fixed by adjusting the count somehow. Anyway, I think we should account for all the pockets, too, and correct the stats. Ok apparently purses on bodies dont count, the rest are probably just some of the archers that show up late in the game. Is there a way to fix the stats so they refer to just the purses and potions on the dead ai's belts?

18th Apr 2005, 22:57
Whenever a Contains link is created from an AI to an object, the 'max # of pickpocket' stat gets increased by 1. The opposite is true when the link is removed.
I don't know why the extra one is created.

The stats are all controlled by QVars. To work out the names, open intrface.crf -> english\debrief.str

The way I see it, the whole point of pickpocketing in Thief is that the owner could catch you and either run for help of kill you, then you'd be in trouble. That's why it doesn't count when the AI is no longer able to move around.
I think it's better for it not to count as a pickpocket and just be 'found more loot'.

But it's you FM :D so,
You want the frobbing of each item to increase the '# of pockets picked' stat.
The QVar is DrSPocketOK.
i.e. add a script to the loot that allows it to send TurnOn signals, and make sure the FrobInfo: World Action included Script. You should be able to do it on the archetype.
Create a QuestVarTrap and enter in the Trap > QVar property: +1:DrSPocketOK
Link (CD) each loot item to the QVT.
Now when you pick up the object the stat should record it.

To correct the max total, create another QVarTrap and enter in: -1:DrSPocketCnt.
Using -1 instead of =9 allows you to add/remove more items without modifying the QVar property.

And you don't want the stats to record archers arrows?
The only way I know of preventing that is to delete the arrows. The 'Total' stat should decrease automatically, but you should make sure.
In my opinion, stealing an arrow is just as good a pickpocket as taking a purse.

19th Apr 2005, 02:35
This is the tester. There are several fights at the end, and lots of dead bodies strewn around througout the mission. That makes it tough to figure out. I thought I had turned over all the dead bodies at the end of the mission to check for false pocket stats, but maybe I missed some. I did not see any live archers at any time, as I recall, and I did not see any arrows sticking out of quivers at any time. In any case, whether I missed them or not, you do not want dead archers with arrows counting in the end-game pocket stats because they are not counted by the engine when the player takes them and the body is unconscious or dead.

In my opinion, the best treatment is this. If the archer is dead or likely to become dead, then do not give him an arrow to be picked. It will screw up the count. If an archer is to remain alive, then OK, give him the arrow.

19th Apr 2005, 06:23
Copy RES\interface.crf\debrief.str into the intrface folder (alongside miss<n> and newgame.str) and then edit it:

If there are 15 picks but the Dark Engine insists there are 17, change:

stat_4: "DrSPocketCnt"
text_4: " out of "
format_4: "@c%d"


stat_4: "DrSPocketCnt"
text_4: " out of "
format_4: "@c15"

(This needs the number of picks to be the same on all difficulties.)

John D.
19th Apr 2005, 11:53
Would health potions on belts count as picks too?

19th Apr 2005, 13:10
IIRC AI + Contains + Aternate and AI + Contains + Belt both count as picks.

You can see why thief2 always adds one pick if you do an edit_links. The first link is bowman (-547) Contains QuivArrow (-121) Alternate. If you delete this link after all archers have been positioned the count should come out OK.